Big Bull Rice – Long Grained – 10kg

4,700.00 10,000.00



  • Long Grain
  • Nutritious
  • Stone free
  • Affordable
  • Healthy
  • Does not stick together


  • SKU: 4707
  • Color: White
  • Main Material: NA
  • Model: Big Bull Rice
  • Production Country: Nigeria
  • Product Line: Blekn Stores
  • Weight (kg): 10

Big bull is a delicious and stone-free rice that does not stick together when cooked. It can be used to prepare any kind of rice delicacy like fried rice, jollof rice, white rice and stew and it can also be eaten with beans. it is also very affordable and nutritious. It can be eaten by everyone both young and old, sick and healthy, even diabetes patients can also eat it as it has no starch content in it.

The big bull rice is produced by agro-allied company, West African Cotton Company (WACOT). It first surfaced in Nigeria in 2017 and has since then gradually fought for space and is still competing with other brands that have been in the market longer than 2017.

WACOT Limited had opened a N10 billion rice mill in Agungi, Kebbi State. The rice mill which has a processing capacity of 120,000 tonnes per annum was commissioned by Vice President, Yemi Osinbanjo in August 2017. The establishment of the rice mill is an indication that the government’s policies to encourage investments in the agricultural sector is working in the right direction.


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